Monday, 30 January 2012

#17 : Journey 2 The Mysterious Island

No strapline, stars or reviews given.


This looks like more family fun if you're looking for mind-numbing CGI monsters without demanding storylines.  IMDB is scoring it 6.8 with a Metacritic score still to come.

#16 : The Iron Lady

"The Movie Event of 2012"

Meryl Streep

No reviews given.

Not really strange that no reviews were given as it's been universally panned.  Streep may be up for an Oscar, but even she, I heard described, was "nothing special if you take away the make-up and the clothes".  It's scoring a 6.2 at IMDB with a Metacritic of 54.

#15 : A Monster in Paris

"A monstrously marvellous adventure"

"From the director of Shark Tale", but no voice talent given.

No reviews given.

So this is a children's CGI movie.  The thing that's not stressed is that this is a UK movie, set in France.  Looking at the cast list most notably is Vanessa Paradis.  It is only scoring an IMDB user rating of 6.0, with Metacritic not scoring it due to not being released "over there".

#14 : Goon

"The nicest guy you'll ever fight"

"The new comedy from the co-writer of Superbad & Pineapple Express

Seann William Scott and Jay Baruchel

Reviews: (can't read where they're from them off my poor night photo)
"Awsome" **** Heat

The user reviews of this movie on IMDB score 7.5 but the Metacritic score isn't in yet.  I think looking at the sources of the quoted reviews should tell you a lot...

#13 : Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

"From the International Best-Selling Trilogy"

Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara

No reviews given.

So this is the American remake of the Swedish film version of the Swedish TV version of the books by Steig Larsson that he gave to his publisher before an editor got chance to tell him which bits were completely obvious, had too much detail, or were unnecessarily violent.  I was really excited to read the first one, but was left disappointed as I couldn't decide at the time if it was badly written or poorly translated.

Anyway, the movie.  IMDB users are rating this version as an 8.2, which is surprisingly high for a SideOfABus movie, with a Metacritic of 71.  Note that the Swedish version has scores of 7.8 and 76.  The Millennium mini-series has a user score of 8.1