Tuesday, 13 March 2012

#26 : The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists

"Setting sail in 3D"

"From the salty sea-dogs that brought you Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit"

No reviews given.

Clearly a children's, sorry, family movie.  It says 3D.  Both excuse it being on the Side Of A Bus - but over two weeks before release? 

It's got a British voice cast (Hugh Grant, Brian Blessed, Lenny Henry, Martin Freeman, David Tennant and, er Salma Hayek) working with the plasticine people.  It'll probably be a lot of fun.  IMDB is still waiting for enough votes.

#25 : The Hunger Games

"The world will be watching"

No actors or reviews given.

Apparently this will be very popular.  I heard it described as like Battle Royale (averaging 7.8) for the Twilight (averaging 5.3) crowd.  IMDB are still awaiting enough votes.  My money's on more like the latter's scores - but then it is on the Side Of A Bus.

[Note there appears to be an American remake of Battle Royale out in 2015.  Can they break that too?]

Friday, 9 March 2012

#24 : 21 Jump Street

No strapline given. 

Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum

"Hilarious" **** - Charles Gant - Heat

The lack of strapline could mean it was deemed too rude for general public consumption, since it seems to be "The only thing getting blown tonight is their cover". It is, as you may be able to tell from the sign they don't obscure, about a high school prom.  Hence the tuxedos.  And the guns.  What?  Guns?  Oh, maybe they're spies, or more likely a couple of pre-college kids who come across a conspiracy and have to go undercover to expose the Bad Guys.  Then again, the presence of the word "Hilarious" tells us it's a comedy so things obviously don't go to plan.  Maybe it's trying to be a new American Pie - which has only averaged a 6.9 after all this time.  No reviews in for this one yet... 

#23 : Contraband

"Steal your life back"

Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale.

No reviews given.

Moody black and white photos, but really just men with guns.  I'm guessing action, explosions and no redeeming take-home moral.

The reviews on IMDB are scoring it a 6.7, with five times as many men voting as women.  Their Top 1000 voters are averaging 5.7 and the Metacritic scaore is 52/100, although Entertainment Weekly is, as per usual, the top score.