Wednesday, 2 May 2012

#34 : The Lucky One

No strapline given.

Zac Effron and Taylor Schilling

"Zac Effron just got hotter" - Heat

  Clearly they're just trying to get the teenage girl market sold on one High School Musical star.  That the quoted review doesn't give any information about how good the movie is, just that they liked the star, should tell you everything you need to know.

This really doesn't improve the movie.  Early reviews aren't encouraging.  IMDB is scoring just 5.7 and the critics are being even harsher with just a 38/100 including just a 50/100 from Entertainment Weekly.  It must be bad.

#33 : American Pie Reunion

"Save the best piece for last"

No stars named or reviews quoted.

  American Pie, we probably all saw it.  You probably laughed a bit, learnt a few of the catchphrases, maybe watched through your fingers in places, and vowed that was enough.  Then they made American Pie 2.  You saw it on TV, perhaps.  Then came American Pie: The Wedding which you didn't see at all.  At this point they switched DVD releases only, of American Pie Presents Band Camp and American Pie Presents The Naked Mile.  The user scores of these movies don't go up as the sequence progresses.

So why did they decide to make one more?  Well, obviously money.  hey think there's an audience for another goof-ball comedy.  (American) audiences needn't tax their brains by getting to know new characters since they remember enough about them all from a decade ago.  We guess nothing has changed in their personalities.

So how will it size up?  IMDB is scoring it a 7.5 (including about a third of users scoring it 10/10!) but that's generous compared to the critics which is averaging 50/100.  I don't think I'll be bothering.