Saturday, 28 April 2012

#32 : Battleship

"The battle for Earth begins at sea"

Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Rihanna, Liam Neeson

No reviews given.

F-3 -- Miss

Not Battleship Potemkin, but something that I am guessing is ranking alongside 2012 for awfulness.  That the stars on the bus are not exactly Hollywood A-listers is almost besides the point.  OK, Neeson should be but his record over recent years isn't exactly stellar.  Rihanna in her first movie role isn't a good advert either, except for teenage boys, I guess.

B-1 -- Miss

IMDB is scoring it poorly - a 6.5 rating which looks good compared to the metacritic score of 43/100.  Best avoided I think.

C-3 -- Did I sink your Battleship?

#31 : Cabin In the Woods

"You think you know the story.  Think again"

No stars listed.

Reviews: (no sources visible)
"Breathlessly entertaining"
"Groundbreaking... a game changer"

Horror movies seem to always be one of the type appearing on the side of buses.  Does that make them any good?  Probably not.  That the reviews quoted have no obviously clear source is a very bad sign.  Let me point you at someone instead who went to an advance press screening.  Joss Whedon writing (he of Buffy and Firefly) ought to be a very good sign, though.

IMDB is, however, scoring it very highly.  Users have it pegged at an 8.0 although this is more due to a very strong score set from the younger voters, with others scoring less highly.  The Metacritic scores aren't quite so complimentary, but they average 72/100 mainly thanks to a 100/100 from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

#30 : Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

No strapline given.

Ewen McGregor, Emily Blunt, Kristin Scott Thomas

"The British Comedy of the year *****"  <writing too small to read who said this>

So the book of this has never appealed to me. I'd read and kind of enjoyed The Irresistible Inheritance Of Wilberforce but not enough to make me want to read anything else by Paul Torday. 

IMDB is scoring a 7.1 from a small number of users.  More importantly, perhaps, the Metacritic score is 60 with Entertainment Weekly, as ever, scoring highest at 75/100.

#29 : Wrath of the Titans

"Feel the Wrath"

No actors or reviews given.

This bus advert is interesting.  They've clearly paid for a range of adverts to promote the "characters" in the movie.  I only noticed when I saw two buses together this morning with different side panels on.  Clearly "Perseus" is the one above, but I have also seen "Andromeda" and a "plain 3D" side panel.

Clearly they are working hard based on the quality of the movie.  Already it is scoring only 6.3 from IMDB users - about double the 37 from their metacritic score.  As ever Entertainment Weeklyis scoring the highest, but even they only gave a 67!

#28 : Street Dance 2

"Bigger, Better, Bolder, BackGypsier?

No "actors" or reviews given.

Photo still to come, but I keep missing them being stopped in appropriate places.  Please mail me one if you see one.

IMDB is rating it a whopping 5.1/10 at the minute...

Update: Photo now in...

#27 : The Cold Light of Day

"Time is running out"

Henry Cavill, Sigourney Weaver and Bruce Willis

No reviews given.

Yet another movie with a gun on a poster.  Do I sound sick of this unnecessary-ness yet?  A couple of weeks ago when this first hit the buses it seemed to be on every bus in Leeds.  Still not released until next week.  IMDB still to get reviews, therefore.

The "star", Mr Cavill, probably wouldn't get a bus advert with his name without the other two.