Saturday, 28 April 2012

#31 : Cabin In the Woods

"You think you know the story.  Think again"

No stars listed.

Reviews: (no sources visible)
"Breathlessly entertaining"
"Groundbreaking... a game changer"

Horror movies seem to always be one of the type appearing on the side of buses.  Does that make them any good?  Probably not.  That the reviews quoted have no obviously clear source is a very bad sign.  Let me point you at someone instead who went to an advance press screening.  Joss Whedon writing (he of Buffy and Firefly) ought to be a very good sign, though.

IMDB is, however, scoring it very highly.  Users have it pegged at an 8.0 although this is more due to a very strong score set from the younger voters, with others scoring less highly.  The Metacritic scores aren't quite so complimentary, but they average 72/100 mainly thanks to a 100/100 from the San Francisco Chronicle.

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