Friday, 17 February 2012

#18 : Jack and Jill

"His twin sister is coming to stay  ...and it ain't pretty"

Adam Sandler

No reviews given.

This is the latest Adam Sandler vehicle where he must play both of a non-identical pair of twins.  I'm guessing there are "hilarious consequences".  Probably the brash dragged-up version turns out to be the saviour of the other twin's family at the end of the movie and everyone goes home morally enriched having learned not to judge people on how they are.  Or something like that.

IMDB users are giving it a score of 3.0 which is, I think, the lowest I have ever seen.  On the other hand the critics via Metacritic think that is over generous scoring a 23/100/!  No wonder it was on just about every bus in Leeds...

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