Tuesday, 28 February 2012

#22 : Bel Ami

"Temptation, Seduction, Obsession"
 "Based on the classic novel"

Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kirsten Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci and Colin Meany

No reviews given.

This clearly has an all star cast, which makes you wonder why it's advertised on the buses.  It mentions that it is based on "the classic novel".  Not "a classic novel" but "the".  Presumably it is the 19th Century classic of French literature by Guy Maupassant.  I'm guessing that most people who the other films featured on the side of buses are aimed at have never heard of this, let alone read it.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Then again, they could just be trying to persuade the Twilight audience to go and see it on the basis that Robert Pattinson is in it.  If that's you then my money says he doesn't bite anyone's neck.

The latest IMDB user reviews for it are decent averaging a 7.1, but then we're still a week away from release, so it could be Twilight fans getting in early.  The breakdown of scores here is interesting in telling us something about IMDB users rating at this stage:

Rating Votes Percentage
   10       179         56.5
     9         22           6.9
     8         25           7.9
     7         17           5.4
     6         24           7.6
     5           9           2.8
     4           3           0.9
     3           6           1.9
     2           7           2.2
     1         24           7.9

Maybe I should update this in a few weeks to see how this has changed...

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